Wilcannia locals worried weir wont happen after election promise

Wilcannia locals worried weir wont happen after election promise

In the aftermath of the referendum result for Scottish Independence the Iberian Peninsula has not been spared any referendum issues in recent years. Some have worried about where there may come a time when Scotland will get the right to decide its future as a independent country. Now the region looks to be ready for that possibility after the referendum for independence was declared a failure on 12 September last year.

A poll comm우리카지노issioned by the Catalan government last October found that 51% of Catalans wanted to stay in the UK but had not given their permission to hold a separate referendum. A survey by the same company found similar results in November 2014.

More recently, the region’s chief political analyst said that after a referendum a decision would be taken on whether to give its opinion in the matter.

He said: “The vote is over, we’ve voted. The independence referendum took place but, because of the results, the status quo that we were promised was not happening. The independence referendum was only to be seen as a demonstration of the strength of the will of Catalans. And that vote did not materialise.

“And now, with the vote for independence, the future of the Catalan government더킹카지노 is at stake. A referendum is only the beginning. It’s possible that the result of the independence referendum and the independence of Catalonia would lead to a change in the situation in Catalonia if it goes ahead. I wouldn’t rule that out.”

While there have been a number of occasions in the past when Scotland has had referendums and the vote has failed to go ahead, recent decisions have been generally positive. In October 2010, for example, Scotland was offered independence by the then Prime Minister David Cameron. The British government chose to accept a proposal to devolve power from Westminster to a new European Commission instead of continuing the use of the UK Parliament. It’s expected that Scots will again demand independence on 18 September 2015.

The region also announced that it has put forward its own set of changes that will mean the current Scottish constitution will be changed.

In January last year, the Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael made history when he proposed a referendum on independence that did not succeed and is expected to take a decade. The SNP backed its claim that that they had succeeded in winnjarvees.coming a popular vote but were still left with no prospect of changing the constitution before then.

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