Bp oil spill hits mississippi with spill of 2,800 gallons

Bp oil spill hits mississippi with spill of 2,800 gallons

Mississippi gas officials estimate oil spilled in city of Jackson after spill

Wreck of BP oil rig discovered in St. Mary Parish off Louisiana coast

St. Mary Parish officials: No confirmed report of injuries

Jackson, Miss. – Residents속초안마 awoke to a sound like “firecrackers” Thursday, the day after a massive oil spill ripped a wide swath through the state부산 마사지.

No injuries or other incidents were reported in the 6-mile-long spill, but a large fire was reported in the area, authorities said.

Gov. Phil Bryant said oil was flowing through the Gulf of Mexico just north of Louisiana’s shores near Pine Island Lake, near New Orleans’ City of Mobile, on the Mississippi River.

A BP spokesman said the company is aware of the report of a leak and is working to determine its location.

The oil spilled into a creek and marsh, burning some trees and debris, Bryant said.

On Thursday, residents began asking for water. As of 9 a.m., they were left with just about nothing to drink, despite a water truck coming from the lake to fill up, Bryant said.

“We really have nothing more for our community,” he said. “We’re stuck. There’s nothing to drink.”

The gas station the gas company used was filling up, Bryant said, and was out of gasoline for about an hour.

In addition to the oil, the pipeline ruptured about 200 feet off the Mississippi River near St. Mary Parish, according to the United States Coast Guard. There was no indication of a leak in the pipeline or the oil that spilled.

A spokesperson at BP said the company is reviewing what happened on the pipeline.

The company plans to install a water protectors on the site as well as the spill area to monitor the impact of the oil, the spokesman said.

The agency is in the process of conducting its own water protectors and emergency response to the oil spill.

BP’s largest spill, which had resulted in hundreds of job losses and resulted in environmental damage, took place in 2010 in Alaska and 2010-11 in the gulf of Mexico. BP blamed an “underwater condition” for that oi넷마블 포커l release.

More recently, in 2009, an explosion and fire in the Marcellus shale rock formation near Marcellus, Pennsylvania, killed nine people. The explosion happened at a BP gas well off the New York coas

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