Howard warns against bird flu cover up: ‘They were saying, ‘Let’s look after the children at home

Howard warns against bird flu cover up: ‘They were saying, ‘Let’s look after the children at home.’

Mr Brown said: ‘That’s not right, and we’re worried about the children at home now because, frankly, I think it is very sad to put children and 진주출장안마children’s lives at risk.’

At the scene – August 4 2014

BBC London reporter Richard Westcott was at one of the two schools to hear about the outbreak. He has asked that his full name not be used.

He told us: ‘About 4:20am, there were panic calls at the school and the children were running to the windows.

‘There were children running through the school with their children and my colleague Geoff was watching them.

‘We got there and the children were screaming and saying something like “Dad, can you save my children?”

‘We found the dead birds and, very quickly, we evacuated all the kids to the front of the school.

‘There were 10 schools공주출장마사지 공주출장안마 affected. The police told us that there were five children to the one school which was also suffering.

‘The police then called an ambulance, which took 10 or 11 students to two hospital.’

Mr W슬롯 머신estcott took photographs of the extent of the chaos at the school. He is a freelance photojournalist based in Newham, where he said: ‘The school is just in one-and-a-half stories of the city centre with two-and-a-half stories of the surrounding parkland.

‘There are lots of people there and they’ve just been overwhelmed by people coming running from schools across the area to get people away from the building.

‘I could get five or six people by myself and it was a total panic.

‘I actually went outside and looked round and I could see the number of people I could get out there and get away.’

But he added: ‘There was also an incident with one of the school’s security guards who left and is not with the team.

‘That incident could have had some direct effect on whether he was able to attend, and the fact that he did not is really worrying.

‘It’s hard to fathom, but what would that school’s security guard have done? Would he have had any trouble?

‘And if he did, did he realise it? I think that could have been a lot of trouble.’

The first report of the incident on Monday night reveale

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