Residents urged to evacuate as bushfires burn across Western Australia

Residents urged to evacuate as bushfires burn across Western Australia

Firefighters from eight emergency operations teams raced to the town of Redstone, 130 kilometres west of Perth, with heavy equipment in a five-car convoy.

On T실시간 바카라hursday afternoon, an additional three firefighters responded to a similar fire near the town, the first to attend since it was launched on Monday, with two more arriving later.

A spokesman for the fire brigade’s Redstone Operations Centre told Guardian Australia the fire “appears to have started in a shed, and continued to burn.” He said the blaze had destroyed at least 20 houses, but that the cause was unknown.

“We are still working towards that objective, with the goal of putting out the whole fire,” he said.

The emergency operations team at Redstone was made up mostly of bushfire-fighters.

The blaze was seen from a distance, but was quickly reduced to about 50 hectares by the time it was extinguished. But some of the wind-blown bushfire smoke appeared for more than a half hour as residents scrambled to evacuate to safety in the nearby town of Rintore.

Some residents, such as Rosie, told the Guardian she was able to reach safety as the fire engulfed her home. “My house came on fire but I managed to get through the gate and there was no one around so I managed to get my son with me.”

The blaze came on Friday morning, and the winds had now eased enough for the fire to subside for the day.

The town was one of a handful of communities destroyed by the wildfires west of Perth, with three more burning in the next few days, with a fifth expected to appear within a week.

The death t포커oll has risen to 38, most of them people living on reserve. More than 300 people, including 23 children, have been left without homes. The state’s worst-hit area includes Rintore.

The fires, which have been raging for thr더킹 카지노ee weeks, have killed 15, injured almost 200 others and destroyed about 1.5m hectares, according to local authorities.

Rashford said the firefighting effort was being hampered by high winds and extreme conditions and the lack of water and food in much of the region.

The first priority for local authorities was to “extract resources that are required to save lives and reduce the danger to citizens and property. We are getting there.”

The fire service said it had deployed a helicopter, a boat and firefighting units, but i

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