Turkey pledges peacekeepers awaits funding details

Turkey pledges peacekeepers awaits funding details

SILVER HILL — The military and security forces of Romania and Bulgaria are both expected to receive new funding to maintain the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry said Wednesday it has received the additional funds necessary for Romania and Bulgaria to stay on the mission to maintain its mission.

A total of $1.3 million in security, intelligence and civil cooperation grants has been authorized by President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Foreign MSM 카지노inister Radu Porulescu in recent months, according to a press release from the Ministry.

The Romanian and Bulgarian governments are slated to meet Nov. 21 in the presidential office in Bucharest and begin talks that have been stalled for weeks because of a lack of progress on funding.

The new funding, which will be based on a number of factors, includes additional training, funding for police, medical treatment and food items to assist with combat-related illnesses and accidents, according to the ministry.

The funding comes amid a heightened tension between Romania and Bulgaria in the wake of protests by pro-Europe forces in Romania.

The Romanian forces that joined in February the U.S.-led anti-protest operation against Viktor Yanukovych after Russia annexed Crimea last month have been accused of assaulting unarmed protesters, including soldiers. The governmen출장 안마t denied the allegations, and NATO called for calm.

In Bulgaria, the pro-Kremlin opposition’s parliamentary majority earlier this month ordered a national dial파라오 카지노ogue on the conflict, despite the government’s rejection of the program.

The Bulgarian government’s announcement Tuesday that it has begun giving more food and medicine to soldiers who are on deployment in Ukraine has sparked intense criticism from the U.S., which said it has “grave concerns” about such programs.

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